Humanex Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission it is to support Humanex Academy.  Our three mission-driven goals are to award the Alex C. Teves Memorial Scholarship with the support of the ACT-Foundation, fund Teacher Development opportunities, and provide additional Technology support for students and staff.

Humanex Academy is a private, accredited middle and high school that offers a structured learning environment for students with unique learning, social, and behavioral needs since 1983.  At Humanex Academy, students, families, and staff believe in and celebrate the importance of recognizing the “Human Experience”  in education together.


ACT-Foundation & Humanex Foundation

Foundations Facilitating Financial Need-Based Scholarship Program Together

The Humanex Foundation proudly works together with the ACT Foundation awarding Humanex Academy students with the Alex C. Teves financial need-based scholarship.  Our Foundations are united through Alex C. Teves, a 2011-12 Counseling Intern at Humanex Academy.  Alex, our True Hero, loved counseling students with unique learning needs, craft beer, and giving free hugs.  Alex was tragically killed in the Aurora Theater shooting on July 20, 2012.  The Teves family set up the Alex C. Teves Memorial Scholarship as a way to honor his life and preserve his legacy.


Humanex Foundation Profile

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